The word "Armageddon" comes from two Hebrew words: HAR (mountain/hill-Strong H2042) and MEGGIDO (Strong H4023/1413 regathering, place of gathering or rendezvous). In Bible symbolism, a "mountain" is a nation. The USA is the place of the gathering of all the tribes of Israel, plus it is also Mystery Babylon & the location of Armageddon; which are all the same place. Thus, "Armageddon" is at the NATION OF THE REGATHERING. Therefore, the USA is the place of the battle of Armageddon!!  Get Ready! (Rev. 16:16-19)
             AMERICA:     "Amer" = Heaven "Rica" = Kingdom (Kingdom of Heaven/ Heavenly Kingdom)                       The Beast: 7 Headed beast = the United Nations and its 7 security counsel Heads.                The 10 Crowns/horns: The 10 regions the U.N. has divided the world into. 
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The WACO before WACO        Check out: BANNED.VIDEO WikiLeaks Wikipedia Defencyclopedia INVESTOPEDIA (U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Taiwan, Russia, China) Holy Bible in Chinese China: A Century of Revolution China Story Christians Should Not Believe in 'Left Behinds' Rapture Theology America is Mystery Babylon Professor says Jesus visited England Jesus 'died on Friday, April 3, 33AD' King Arthur's Camelot was in Cirencester Joseph & the Egyptians came to America George Washington was incredibly hard to kill Islam's Jihad Invasions of Europe:  A Savage Empire        A must see! Prayers 1960’s Sermon
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The best Civil Defense is to Become a true Christian:  * Love the Lord thy God (Mat.22 v. 37)  * Believe in and on the Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ  (John 3:16)  * Repent and be Baptized.  (Acts  2:3822:16, 1 Peter 3:21, Mark  6:12)  * Confess  (Romans 10:9)  * Keep the commandments of God and have faith in and testimony of the      Lord, Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ.  (Rev. 12:17, Deut. 30:16, Rev.14:12)  * Have a sword.  (Luke 22:36)  * Have a shelter to enter into.   (Isaiah  26:20,21)  * Have supplies to last to the end.  (Mark 13:13 Matt. 25:1-12)  * Come out of Babylon.  (Rev. 18:4,5)  (be self sufficient) 1860 U.S. census: 32 million people in the United States Northern states:   23 million Southern states:    9 million • White- 5.5 million of which 3% owned slaves = 165,000 whites owned slaves. • Black- 3.5 million of which 500,000 were  free blacks of which 28% owned slaves =  140,000 blacks owned slaves. CRIME STATS: (Compilation of main stream news/DOJ & CDC #’s) NEWS LINKS     THIS MONTHS TOP NEWS-October 2022     Proverbs 9:6 Leave your simple ways and you will live;               walk in the way of insight.” George Washington was a Virginian. Gen. Lee was a cousin to George Washington and a Virginian. Gen. Patton was a cousin to Gen. Lee Gen. Chesty puller was a cousin to Gen. Patton Gen. Chesty puller’s dad fought under Jeb Stuart during the civil war. Gen. Omar Bradley’s dad was a southerner and fought for the Confederacy. Admiral Chester Nimitz’s granddad was a Captain in the Confederate Army and a Texas Ranger. Gen. MacArthur's mom was a confederate and his dad a yank. Teddy Roosevelt’s mom was a confederate and dad a yank. WWI war hero Sgt. Alvin York was a southerner from Tenn. WWII war hero Lt. Audie Murphy was a southerner from Texas. Top Union Gen. Winfield Scott was also a southerner/Virginian, but held with the union during the civil war. Special Intel Polydoros of Sparta 741-665 B.C. If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemies religion , you are enslaved. If you bred with your enemy, you are destroyed. Your Southern Hertiage: Original 1935 communist document shows the successful communist take over of America would provide quotas, integration and hate crime laws. The invasion has begun!         Aztlan Rising They want more than your job! A MUST READ A history of a true American Knight Blacks violently assault 550,000 white people each year. Whites assault 58,000 blacks each year. Nuclear Bomb Simulator Experience the power of a nuclear blast PODCASTS: 1.) The Viceroy's view 2.) Christian Heritage Library Brighteon Video: 1.) CDNN 2.) Protestant Church of America 1 million+ white slaves were taken from Europe to africa. Less than 500,000 black slaves were bought from africa to North America. Proper Perspective on slavery: Zelenskiy Vows to crush freedom and those who resist the coup Turkey Seeks to Join China-Led SCO to counter U.S. military Kyiv  has alarmingly depleted the Pentagon’s munitions & weapons All Hell Is Breaking Loose But The Worst Is Yet To Come Pres. Putin survived assassination attempt Pres. Putin Warns Of “More Serious” Action To Come West Has the Idea of Russia’s Collapse, But Won’t Live to See It Medvedev issues apocalyptic warning to West over Ukraine Biden: US militery will respond to any Nuke attacks by Russia Russia Gives U.S./NATO Final Warning Ukraine Tells Crimea Residents "Prepare Bomb Shelters / Get Food" If U.S. gives more long range HIMARS, Russia will strike the west US to ship advanced artillery and HIMARS missile systems to Kyiv US helped Ukraine with counter-offensive US announces another major arms package for Ukraine Russian Foreign Ministry now hinting at Europe-wide war Organizations to stop Kiev from butchering civilians Prosecutor General & Deputy of Luhansk People's Republic murdered West was covering up crimes of Kiev regime China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in Ukraine Ukraine attempted terror attacks around Russian nuclear plants - Putin Kremlin is threatening to destroy Starlink USS Gunston Hall and USS Kearsarge arrive in Poland FBI took Confidential Medical & Tax Files from Trump Israel strikes Damascus again kiling 5 Syrian troops Ukraine’s astronomers say there are tons of UFOs over Kyiv TURKEY MOBILIZING 45,000 TROOPS TO ARMENIA BORDER; U.S. Tells Soldiers Go On Food Stamps as it Ships $60 Billion to Ukraine Kazakhstan falls to Washington's feet US uses direct threats to put pressure on India US Expands With New Base in Oil and Gas Rich Syrian Province Pentagon suspends F-35 deliveries after finding materials from China West used UN-Appointed International Nuclear Experts as trojan horse Mission to eleminate white is on going “Treat [White People] Like Sh*t” Children don't grow up with biological parents Psychedelic Drugs Being Used To Destroy Christianity CIA torture report to remain secret for ‘national security’ Court Docs: Biden Ordered FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid on Trump FBI Is Hiding Epstein Records FBI Tracks Down Mike Lindell On Hunting Trip FBI raids At Least 35 Trump Allies- Bannon FBI Agent: More People Assigned to Investigate White Supremacists Than We Can find DOJ Denied Access To Trump Raid Docs Biden Resettled ‘Not Fully Vetted’ Afghans Who May ‘Pose Risk’ Pentagon IG to review claims of Afghan evacuee vetting failures Biden appoints satanist Trump raid 'so sloppily,' it violated FBI-manual mandates US Military; Everything is Readiness, Except actual Readiness Skyscraper completly burns, but doesnt fall down like 9-11 Mother has sexual activity with her 3-year-old son and dog Black man rapes and murders white lady in Memphis Same black man raped girl when he was 14 & 16 yrs old Another black man murders 4 whites in Memphis Missing 2-year-old is found dead near family home illegal admits to killing girlfriend and her son in Alabama Mikella Debina, 15, is ‘kidnapped at knifepoint from beach German town votes to permit topless swimming Pimps luring Ukrainian women into prostitution Elementary Students Are Being Taught ‘Porn Literacy’ Nonprofit & AFT: give books with sex, LGBTQ+ ideology to K-12 Assistant Principal Brags About Discriminatory Hiring Practices Blacks flee to white towns, cities with mostly Black residents,decline Liberals Get A Taste Of Their Own Illegal Invasion Martha's Vineyard's 'crisis' only 0.0025% of the border crisis Victim, robbed and pushed onto train tracks US Denies Plan To Refill the almost empty SPR With Sub-$80 Oil Violence Breaks Out Between Muslims and Hindus