¨ Most of the European descendant people today are the lost tribes of Israel, the house of Israel, the cousins to the tribe of Judah. ¨ The House of Israel (the lost tribes) formed the multitude of European nations and the nations of their empires. This is the fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant. (Gen. 17:4-8, Isaac Gen. 26:1-5, Jacob Gen. 35:10-12), (Read: Abrahamic Covenant & Missing Links Discovered by Raymond Capt) ¨ It was the lost sheep of the House of Israel that Jesus said he came for. (Matt. 15:24) Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice. (John 10:27) The European people heard Jesus’ voice and took the word of God unto the entire world. By the early 1900’s the European empires controlled almost 90% of the entire world. (This was called Christendom or Christ’s Kingdom). What Christendom didn’t control they sent in missionaries to give them the word of God. This was the fulfilment of the Great Commission ¨ After the 1940’s, Christendom begins a rapid fall due to the deceptions of the false profit, the anti-Christs (Edomites) and their many organizations of evil. This is Esau (the Red) breaking off the yoke of Israel (This yoke was Christianity) and spreading Lucifer’s tool of communism throughout the world. (Gen. 27:40) (Read: the Pike & Mazzini letters from the 1880’s, the Protocols of the elders from the 1900’s and the communist (the Reds) goals from the 1950’s. This will give you insight to what has gone on in our time.) ¨ The Church seminaries became infiltrated by the communist anti-Christs to disarm Christianity and distort the word of God. This corrupts and deceives the mainstream churches and turns them apostate; accepting most all forms of lawlessness into the Church, schools and society. (To deceive the very elect. Matt 24:5, 11, 24, Mark 13:22) This allows the wrath of God to come onto God’s people and removes God’s hand of his protection from our lands. Thus, the alien will rise higher and higher above them, maybe even to the presidency (DEUT. 28:43). This will also allow our nation to be destroyed and people punished for turning away from God. Tribulation will soon follow this. ¨ The United States of America; the land that the pilgrims knew was the foundation of the new Jerusalem, the actual reformation of the tribes of Israel, the Virgin daughter of Zion, the new promise land, the land of un-walled cities, the land with an eastern & western sea, the nation that was formed in a day -July 4th 1776, the Virgin daughter of Babylon (Rev. 12:14,17 Rev. 19:1-9 Rev.21:2,9-17), and now is the supposed last super power, (Col. 2:8 Rev. 18:7,8) which has now lost air superiority (A.C.C. Langley, VA) and has lowered (destroyed) its nuclear shield. All while the communist practice military exercises to destroy the U.S.A. in less than one hour (Rev. 18:10,11 Rev. 18:17-19). Just like Mystery Babylon from the Bible that the remnant is told to come out of. (Rev. 18:4,5) When the remnant comes out they will then form the camp of the saints, which the 200 million man army will later surround. ¨ Mystery Babylon  (the U.S.) will fall in one hour and a new beast (the S.C.O.) will take reign of the one world government (the U.N., also known as the 7 headed beast, because of the 7 security counsel nations that control it) in one hour. (Rev. 17:11-13) ¨ The 200 million man army of tribulation can and is being formed today by the communists of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (S.C.O), which was formed to counter the United States military power. (Rev. 9-16). Tribulation can’t be far away now. ¨  Six trumps of Tribulation occurs and then on the last trump (the 7th trump) just before Jesus sends down fire to destroy the unrepentant. He calls up the dead in Christ and sends his angels to gather up the  remnant (true Christians) (this is the rapture) who still keep the commandments of God and has faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ; Son of God, one with God, our Savior, our Messiah, the one and only mediator to God. He does not send his angels for the apostate workers of iniquity, the lawless, those who chose to keep freely sining, who he then turns away from the narrow gate and says he does not know them, even though they cast out demons in Jesus name and did other works for Jesus, but they still chose to keep sin (lawlessness) instead of God’s law. We are to keep God’s Law not because we are chained to it, but because if we love God we will keep it. We keep his law as Jesus kept it also, so we show by our actions who we are. We will be known by our fruit (our works/actions)to be His. He also does not come for that of any other religion. Only true Christians can go with Jesus. (Matt.24:29-30, 1 Cor. 15:52, Mark 13:24-27, 1 Thess. 4:16, 2 Thess. 1:7,8)